Crypto Union: The Western Union Killer

There is an opportunity in the cryptocurrency space for those of us who want to 10x cryptocurrency adoption in the real world for real people solving real problems. Remittances. Global remittance flows are more than USD$500 billion per year. That is a multiple of foreign direct aid. In many nations, remittances represent a major source […]

A Strategic Vision for Dash

Executive Summary Dash digital cash is a top-20 cryptocurrency with more than 5 years of development and many technological innovations and important integrations under its belt. Its many Dash-funded organizations (DFOs) are staffed with qualified and committed people. But Dash lacks a strategic vision. Dash lacks a strong brand, it lacks a story, a cause, […]

The Truth about CoinDesk’s 2 Dash Merchants

In an August 14th article, CoinDesk alleged that Dash isn’t really that popular in Venezuela, and built its (rather flimsy) case on 2 merchants who reported less than positive experiences with Dash. Since Dash Latam is the leader in merchant adoption in Venezuela for Dash at this time, we decided to look into this. Chiringuitos […]