We Need a Dash Stablecoin

Dash is pure genius, it is a hybrid evolution of proof of work, it is investment, it is governance, it is InstantSend and ChainLocks for 51%-attack-proofness, it is username-based payments done right on the blockchain, it is pioneering ground teams with real merchants, it is business development and more. But Dash continues to be volatile. […]

How to Recognize a Real Adoption Project?

Somebody asked me on Reddit the other day how you recognize a real adoption project. Here are some initial ideas to start a conversation. Media: It should produce tons and tons of media — photos, videos, screenshots — that demonstrate real Dash usage, showing the merchant + the product + the buyer + the full […]

What is the Digital Cash Vision?

The most basic and original idea behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that we can use these cryptographically-protected account balances protected by hash-making machines as digital cash. That is, as cash that you can’t touch. But otherwise, you can use it just like cash. This implies: wide use free use (as in speech, not necessarily […]