The Dash Latam Vision

Dash Latam is the organization that I have been fortunate enough to grow over the last 11 months in order to serve DAO priorities in Latin America, the region where crypto mass adoption is likely to happen first due to existing telecom infrastructure, language, the size of the informal economy and the number of weak […]

Why Dash Needs to be the Free Speech Coin

We are always looking for new use cases. Until we get volatility under control and until people in large numbers start to “get” the need for liberty and decentralization, the use case for Dash remains limited. This because no matter the technological marvel, the brilliant governance and the bottom-line fact that we have $700,000 to […]

The Dash Retail Roadmap

Dash Retail is a DAO treasury proposal to build software that enables Dash merchants to buy, sell and accept Dash in one integrated system, and to instantly hedge against volatility. The team is Ash Francis, Alex Cox (both of eWallet fame) and myself. Here is our roadmap. Cycle 1 February Paga con Dash POS (SparkPOS […]

We Need a Dash Status Page

Things don’t work quite right and Core team may be satisfied they fixed it but the rest of us do not always get the message. This is a communication issue, relatively easy to solve. For example, there is a bug in the previous version of the Android wallet where the payment does not exit the […]